Do you want to find a house for rent in Bella Vista AR? is the place for you! We have several houses in Bella Vista that we own and manage. Check out our available properties today and see if there are any houses for rent that match what you’re looking for! Our houses are well-maintained and pet-friendly.

Houses for rent in Bella Vista AR

What makes Bella Vista AR a Great Place to Live?

Bella Vista is part of the Northwest Arkansas region, one of the fastest-growing areas in the country. The natural and rolling landscape still gives you a sense of privacy while maintaining proximity to friends and family with all that Bella Vista has to offer: excellent schools, recreational opportunities galore, close access to major economic hubs like Bentonville or Rogers for work seekers. With so many options at your disposal, it’s no wonder why people love living here!

Is Renting a home in Bella Vista affordable?

Houses for rent in Bella Vista Arkansas can be very affordable. The homes for rent that we offer range in price from $850-1500 per month, although there are cheaper and more expensive homes in the area. A house in Bella Vista with about the same square footage and the same beds and baths as a home in nearby cities will typically be slightly cheaper. This makes rentals in Bella Vista very appealing to many people who are budget-conscious.

What are some of the activities in Bella Vista?

If you love the outdoors, you are going to love Bella Vista. There are activities available to the general public, and other activities available only to POA members and guests.

POA members and guests will have access to 7 lakes and 8 golf courses. Access is also available to several tennis facilities, swimming pools, and even a gun range. If you are moving to Bella Vista to access these amenities, your best bet will be to find an inexpensive membership lot to purchase. This will allow you to gain access to the amenities at the best rate possible. We occasionally even have lots available that we can sell so that our residents can have this access.

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All residents of the area will have access to world-class mountain bike trails including the Tunnel Vision loop and The Back 40 trails. Tanyard Creek Natural Trail is a beautiful hiking trail centrally located in the town.

Other attractions and activities in the area include the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, the Veterans Wall of Honor, and the Bella Vista Museum.

Are there many pet-friendly rentals in Bella Vista AR?

All of our rentals in Bella Vista AR are pet-friendly! Many other property management companies and private landlords in the area offer pet-friendly rentals as well. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a home that works well for both you and your furry family members! If that’s not enough to convince your pup they can live happily ever after here too…well then I don’t know what is!

Is Bella Vista AR a safe place to live?

Bella Vista is a safe place to live! Don’t believe us? It’s been ranked the third safest city in Arkansas. So, it doesn’t matter what metric you’re using–you’ll find that Bella Vista ranks high on the safety scale. But remember: You should always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions like locking car doors and not leaving valuable items out where they can easily be stolen by criminals who are just waiting for their chance at some easy loot.

How far is Bella Vista AR from Bentonville and Rogers?

There’s no question that Bella Vista is a great place to call home. The best part about living in this area, besides all the beautiful scenery, is how close it can be for those who work in Bentonville or Rogers! Depending on what section of town you live in, most are within 20-30 minutes from these employment hubs of Northwest Arkansas. Of course, traffic may affect your commute time but still – if we’re talking convenience then there really isn’t any better location than right here!

Isn’t Bella Vista a retirement community?

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Bella Vista is not just a retirement community anymore! The town’s median age has been on the decline with so many young people and families moving to Bella Vista. In 2018, over 20% of its population was under 25 years old–watch out for our future generations!

What schools will my kids go to when I live in Bella Vista AR?

Bella Vista does not have its own school district and is served by 3 different school districts – Bentonville, Gravette, and Pea Ridge. All of those districts are highly rated, but if you want to live in a specific school district, be sure you check the zoning for the rental house you are looking at before you sign the lease!

In Conclusion

Bella Vista is a great place to live! It’s affordable, pet-friendly, and safe. There are plenty of activities for residents to enjoy as well. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly house for rent in Bella Vista AR, check out our available properties today to see if we have something that meets your needs.